The Real Nature of Love:


 A Life and Times in the Counterculture

Creating America's Oldest  "Hippie Commune"

By Isabella Fiske McFarlin

I am the result of an experiment in human consciousness. Born in 1950, an era of rigid rules and expectations,  I've lived my  life with almost no rules at all, in what people call "the counterculture."  This is the story of how my parents raised me to be free of all the ties and boundaries-- the "dark satanic mills that grind men's Souls to dust," as William Blake says-- of the "Straight" world. How we created the longest-lasting "commune" on the East Coast, perhaps in the US. What is it like to live without rules or boundaries all one's life?  To have several lovers at once? To have a 10-day "marriage" with one man in order to spend more time with him? To live with one's parents in a growing and changing world on the land on which one grew up? Never to go to school? To know many famous people, and to be the lover of a great and famous artist?  This book looks into all these questions and much more, and offers a view of the history of countercultural life and communal living from the inside.  What if you had never left that commune you spent three days in in 1968? What would your life be like today?  Here's the story of a TRULY long, strange trip... a true story like a thriller.

Quarry Hill in the 1970s, with some of the residents, at a "Ten Day Marriage" ceremony